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Viajes Embajador

Viajes Embajador is a travel agency founded in A Coruña in 1992. With a family tradition, we work in a serious, responsible, fast and reliable way. We have a highly qualified team: expert advisors with extensive professional experience, hardened travellers capable of creating unique experiences tailored to the most demanding client. We are synonymous with proximity, adaptability, flexibility and constant innovation. We have three different lines; Embajador Business (experts in travel for companies), Club Embajador (tailor-made trips with exclusive attention) and Viajes Embajador (holidays, groups and cruises).

+34 981 210 480

C/Picavia 1 Bajo E/Plaza Ourense 2
15004 A Coruña


Bivestour was founded in Vigo in 1994, so we already have many years of experience.  Our office in A Coruña opened its doors in December 2012 in the central street Fernando González.  Our staff is highly qualified and have ample experience in resolving and managing any type of trip, always advising the most suitable for each client. We have a department specialised in companies and brands of specific products such as: Onlyou, Ireland Route or Art Natura.

+34 981 913 131

Gloria Garcia

C/ Fernando González 4
15004 A Coruña

Viajes Paco

Viajes Paco was founded more than 35 years ago by Mr. Francisco Candocia Villadóniga to give continuity to his activity of transporting passengers by road, technologically advanced, the company operates with simple but clear premises. The consultants have a long track record and are specialised by department in holidays, groups, incentives, incoming and corporate travel. Viajes Paco has long since taken on the challenge of advising and generating value for the client, and for this the consultant's specialisation is essential. Our company is part of the AVASA Group, which allows us to take advantage of the group's synergies, offering our clients the best market conditions, the best rates and a host of advantages and facilities.
Viajes Paco currently has offices in Ferrol and Coruña and a team of 14 people that makes it one of the most consolidated agencies in the sector in Galicia, providing a comprehensive service that makes your trips to any part of the world easier to plan and carry out, simplifying procedures and reducing costs by obtaining the best conditions.
Our motto is "Do you dream of travelling? Don't dream, TRAVEL!

Viajes Paco Ferrol

+34 981 369 040
C/ Tierra 15, Bajo, 15401 Ferrol, A Coruña

Viajes Paco Coruña

+34 981 126 021
C/ Juan Flórez 32, Bajo, 15004 A Coruña

Viajes Orzán

VIAJES ORZAN S.A, since 1978, Travel Agency Group A Title 488, currently XG 18 Retail. With a highly qualified and experienced team, we manage all the services of this sector getting a quality service for both individual and corporate travelers.
We manage each trip, showing alternatives for optimal planning, attending to both leisure and business trips.
In continuous evolution, our offices are equipped with the latest technology, which allows us to attend to and satisfy the needs of a growing number of clients, offering significant savings possibilities.
We have integrated our experience in the TRAVEL ADVISORS GUILD Group, which allows us to offer national and international coverage to our clients and at the same time distinguishes us for our professionalism.
Throughout these years we have not lost the initial vocation of our initiative: to satisfy our clients by offering a good service and attention. That is why, because we can do it, we want you to entrust us with your trips.

+34 981 169 191
+34 981 900 780

Av/ Primo de Rivera 3,
15006 A Coruña

Viajes Alecrín Tours

Viajes Alecrín Tours is a travel agency dedicated to the sale of holiday trips, tours, Camino de Santiago routes, cruises, hotels, honeymoons, package tours to the Caribbean and all over the world.

We adapt to what the client is looking for and we try to provide the trip to your liking. Personal and close treatment.
+34 881 069 442
+34 681 060 851

C/ Fuente Álamo 15 - Bajo F
15010 A Coruña

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